Device Manufacturer

Device Manufacturer

The Project Canvas partners are seeking expressions of interest from consumer device manufacturers who are interested in developing Canvas-compliant products for commercial UK market availability in 2011.

The initial focus of Canvas is for twin tuner DTT IP-connected DVR, and your response should reflect this. Project Canvas also welcomes a response from device manufacturers proposing other device categories such as internet-enabled TV (IETV) and set-top boxes.

It is anticipated that Canvas devices will be made available to consumers though both retail channels and bundled with broadband packages.

Your expression of interest should take into account all of the above context.

Interested parties should express their interest by applying to the Project Canvas programme team by email at [email protected], by 5.00pm on 25 August 2010.

Expressions of interest received by the closing date will be taken forward into a process to identify consumer device manufacturers to work with the proposed joint venture as Device Partners.

This process and the criteria to be used have been discussed with the Chairman and Executive of the Digital Television Group. The number of Device Partners taken on at this stage will reflect the resources that are available within the Project Canvas programme and engineering teams.


Criteria Evidence
Experience Project Canvas seeks to enable the provision of Canvas-compliant devices to the UK mass market. Please provide information on your experience of developing and deploying: 1.    DVB-T/T2 Freeview TV and/or STBs 2.    Freeview+ digital video recorders 3.    DVB-S/S2, FreeSat, FreeSat+ 4.    Internet TV devices 5.    Hybrid consumer devices, integrating IP delivery with DTT 6.    Other relevant experience in similar projects in the UK or elsewhere, and in particular, experience of reaching a mass market 7.    Membership of relevant industry groups & standard bodies
Technical qualifications Given what you understand of the aims and objectives of Project Canvas, please describe: 8.    Your anticipated hardware, described in as much detail as possible, including any differentiating features 9.    Your proposed approach to integrating the Canvas software stack, indicating how would propose to work with the Canvas technical team. 10. Availability of any existing hardware/software that you consider relevant to Canvas (which could be available for demonstration during this EOI process). 11. Your ability to deliver high quality interoperable product, meeting customer and product reliability and stability criteria.
Resource commitment Given that Project Canvas is a UK initiative and has a launch date in 2011, can you: 12. Provide examples of your engineering team’s experience and on similar hardware and software developments for deployment in the UK, indicating approximate size of this team. 13. Outline where your engineering & test teams would be based, and whether they are dedicated solely to this integration. 14. Demonstrate project appetite at corporate as well as the development team level. 15. Identify partners/suppliers you anticipate to make use of for supply of software components, integration services and testing/certification.
Product strategy fit Given your understanding of the aims and objectives of Project Canvas, please describe: 16. Your product strategy and how your proposed product fits with Canvas’ goals. 17. Your flexibility to meet ongoing Canvas product requirements, given the evolving nature of the specifications. 18. How you think about innovating and differentiating your products within the Project Canvas brand.
Time to market Project Canvas wishes to facilitate commercial UK market availability of Canvas-compliant consumer devices at the earliest date in 2011. Given this goal, please provide: 19. A high level plan showing the broad stages of a programme and activities to deliver Canvas devices consistent with this timeframe, indicating earliest commercial availability date. 20. Evidence of your mass production capabilities and ability to ramp volumes.
Market reach Project Canvas expects Canvas devices to be made available to consumers though both retail channels and bundled with broadband packages. Please describe: 21. Your interest and ability to support the needs of one of both of these markets 22. Your ability to scale deployment to launch on a large scale  
Innovation Project Canvas is a long-term initiative and anticipates an evolving innovative product. With this in mind, please describe: 23. Your innovation capability and commitment to resource for product innovation 24. Your initial thoughts on opportunities for technical and commercial innovation within Project Canvas, including alternative product categories (e.g. FreeSat, IDTV, IP-only).
Operations & Logistics The Project Canvas brand requires best-in-class customer, operational & retail support. Please describe: 25. Evidence of providing outstanding customer life cycle experience in the UK (or elsewhere) 26. Your expected UK-based operational and logistical capabilities.

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