Why the partners believe Project Canvas is important, and what it hopes to acheive.    

Internet-connected TV is the future of home entertainment

Unstoppable natural momentum

  • First computers, then mobile, next TV. Media is changing as devices converge around internet connectivity.
  • Electronics manufacturers are making powerful internet-connected TV devices.
  • Broadband is getting more widespread and faster.
  • Consumers are getting more familiar with video-on-demand, and want it on the TV.
  • Internet-connectivity brings far more than video on demand: any internet-based service or business can find a route to the TV.
  • Public service broadcasting needs a stake in this future.
  • The enormous consumer benefits of internet-connected TV should not be restricted to paying customers.

Connected-TV can deliver value beyond ‘better TV’

Can play a major part in building Digital Britain

  • Makes web content and services more simple and accessible.
  • Half the UK’s offline population of 14m would consider going online for connected TV.
  • An opportunity to create world-class accessibility services.
  • Incentivises more people to go online, supports digital switchover
  • Completing convergence circle (PC, mobile, TV) will accelerate the growth of the internet as a platform.
  • Provides important public web services (eg. NHS Direct) with a route into more homes.
  • Advertisers can introduce tailored advertising; the right advert, in front of the right person, at the right time.
  • A first for a free TV home, made possible by the broadband connection, this would generate value for advertisers, consumers and commercial broadcasters.
  • Value created throughout chain: innovation, new revenues from new models.

A branded open platform is important for internet-connected TV

Consumer simplicity, plus an open market, creates scale – which reduces costs and increases choice

  • Strong brand with broad appeal breeds consumer familiarity
  • Simple, common, user interface makes complex technology accessible
  • Certainty of ‘plug and play’ important to less technical consumers
  • Common standards create a level playing field for content providers and economies of scale for manufacturers
  • Open approach means the platform is accessible via any ISP
  • Scale encourages companies and services to create applications for platform
  • Reduces risk of multiple formats (no repeat of laser disc, betamax, minidisc)
  • No emergence of de facto standards that allow private companies to dominate and distort the market

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